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Experience Social Investing with Rang De.

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Experience Social Investing with Rang De.

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We're a not-for-profit organization committed to fighting poverty by providing access to affordable micro loans to underserved communities in India. Join us.

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Featured Borrower

Minati Barga

Balasore | Orissa | Stationery Shop

Life has not been easy for Minati Barga who is Living in a small village in Odisha's Balasore district with her family. Her husband is unemployed and her only son barely earns as a mason. However, Minati is not one to give up easily. In order to keep her family afloat, a year ago she launched a small stationery store from the premises of her home. Since then, the business has steadily attracted customers and earns her a small income. With numerous expenses to take care of, she isn't able to stock a wider variety of products and run her business better. A loan of Rs. 8000, Minati hopes, will enable her to invest in expanding her shop. With increased profits, she can not only improve her family's financial status but also stand more firmly on her own feet. read more

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Featured Social Investor

Shibani Mishra

Lexington, United States

I believe in Rang De because it strives to create a self reliant system, which empowers the people living at the bottom of the pyramid.

Social Investor since : 19 Feb 2010

Rang De Brand Ambassadors

Raghu Dixit Image

I am proud to be associated with Rang De and be a social investor to help people in need realize their dreams.

Raghu Dixit | Path Breaking Musician

Nagesh Kukunoor

I believe that microcredit needs to be affordable if it aims at helping people overcome poverty.

Nagesh Kukunoor | Award Winning Film Director

Waheeda Rehman

A strong believer in women empowerment Waheedaji has been a constant source of motivation for the team. The legendary actress accompanied us on a field trip to get a first-hand experience of microcredit and has participated in numerous Rang De events.

Waheeda Rehman | Bollywood Legend

1 out of 4 people in rural India live below the poverty line.
Help change that statistic.

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