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Location : Telangana

Partner Since : 27-07-2015

Founder : Grandhi Venkata Krishnagopal

About ALC India

I​ndia's marginalized producers battle formidable odds to eke out a fragile livelihood.

Access Livelihoods Consulting India (ALC India), established 2005, is a social enterprise that partners almost 65,000 marginalized producers, including small and marginal farmers, weavers, tribals and small livestock holders.

To such producers, ALC India offers professional services delivered by a team of passionate individuals who have graduated from some of India's best institutions and chosen the road less travelled.

ALC India's services support economically marginalized communities to turn the odds in their favour and build livelihoods that are more rewarding and certain.

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Women weavers rarely received a good deal. Working for master weavers, they would get raw material that they had to dye, wash, cut before using them to make woven products that they would sell back to their supplier who would earn a lot more by upselling it in the cities. Our partner ALC India has taken large tranche loans that they use to procure processed inputs and gives 242 women weavers a stable income and helped them form a collective so they can be in charge of their own futures. Help support the loan request of these weavers from Godavari and other collectives at

Evaluated By : Rang De Team

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Written by Lydia Paulraj

Our day begins with a trip outside Mandapeta, a town in the east Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Our destination is a village where many weavers live and ply their trade.

The lanes are lined on either side by old one-roomed houses. The village has seen many generations of weavers who work looms out of their homes.

The Godavari weavers are a micro-venture producing handloom sarees, supported by Access Livelihood Consulting. This support is crucial to the community as they are frequently exploited by master weavers who don’t pay wages on time.

ALC provides the marketing platform through which the weavers have been able to establish their brand and sells their products through retail stores. They provide pre-looming services that help make the weaving process a little easier.

They also bring young designers from NIFT to train the weavers in new designs and better engage with a changing marketplace.

When ALC was unable to obtain a loan since they had no collateral, they sought help from Rang De. The funds have been used to aid weavers and help increase their earning potential.

Evaluated By : Manjita Devi & Tanvi Negi

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Total No. of Loans 701
Total amount disbursed Rs.20,794,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.20,794,000
Amount repaid Rs.20,794,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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