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Access Livelihoods Consulting India Ltd.

Telangana, Hyderabad

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Since: July 2015
Founder: Grandhi Venkata Krishnagopal

Partnership Summary:

Total No. of Loans: 695

Total amount disbursed: Rs. 12794000

Expected repayment so far: Rs. 8794047

Amount repaid: Rs. 8794047 (1.0)

Amount delayed: Rs. 0 (0.0)

Amount defaulted: Rs. 0 (0.0)

I​ndia's marginalized producers battle formidable odds to eke out a fragile livelihood.

Access Livelihoods Consulting India (ALC India), established 2005, is a social enterprise that partners almost 65,000 marginalized producers, including small and marginal farmers, weavers, tribals and small livestock holders.

To such producers, ALC India offers professional services delivered by a team of passionate individuals who have graduated from some of India's best institutions and chosen the road less travelled.

ALC India's services support economically marginalized communities to turn the odds in their favour and build livelihoods that are more rewarding and certain.

To know more, visit www.alcindia.org.

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