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Location : Tamil Nadu

Partner Since : 03-11-2010

Founder : Mr. Saravana Kumar

About Blaze Trust

The vision of group of dedicated individuals, germinated in Perur (a rural area of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu) in the year 1997. It led to the founding of Blaze Trust, an organisation which today empowers more than 4,000 women and their children socially and economically through education and microcredit. Blaze Trust's activities are aligned with their vision to improve the quality of life of the poor and vulnerable people through radical action to help lead life with dignity, peace, justice and financial freedom.

Perur is a panchayat town in Coimbatore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Perur is siutated on the outskirts of the city of Coimbatore which is the second largest city of the Tamil Nadu state. Despite being an industrial hub, there is need for intervention. Most women’s groups find it impossible to get access to credit. Blaze Trust is organizing women in the region into self help groups and also provides training for entrepreneurial skills.

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While she in unaware of the specific details on profits and sales, Valli, with the support of her fellow Sangha members and her husband Mahalingam (who repairs radios and watches in town) is able to run a one-stop shop for groceries in her community. With the loan amount she was able to buy and stock a larger variety of vegetables and household necessities. She now makes Rs. 400-500 a day and is able to save Rs. 300-400 per week in a Canara Bank Savings account. The money has also helped her buy a TVS XL bike for her husband. Her dream is to one day save enough money so that she can run her store on the main road instead of from her home. 

Evaluated By : Anju Lavina

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Vijaya is one of the more vocal of her Sangha members and a constant friend and supporter of the projects of her friends. She runs a stall for fresh fruits and fruit products. Her village is on the foothills of a famous temple and so devotees throng to the shops for goods. With the help of her daughters, one of whom is a BCom student, she was able to buy a cart vehicle for Rs. 3000 and used the rest of the loan for fruits. During peak season, she is able to make a good Rs. 400 a day and also pay Rs. 850 premium towards her life insurance once in 3 months. She is also able to save Rs. 200-300 per week in her Canara Bank account. With her savings, she was able to buy a fridge. As additional income, she makes ice and sells them to fellow shop owners and also stores their perishable goods in them for a small amount. She is slowly making her dream of providing her daughters a comfortable lifestyle come true and in the future she wants to invest in a permanent shop and expand to other eatables. 

Evaluated By : Anju Lavina

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 100
Total amount disbursed Rs.704,700
Expected repayment so far Rs.704,700
Amount repaid Rs.704,700
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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