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Bhartiya Manav Samaj Kalyan Seva Sansthan


Location : Uttar Pradesh

Partner Since : 02-07-2008

Founder : Mr. Aftab Alam


BMSKSS is an organisation working in Deoria and Bahraich districts in Uttar Pradesh. They work in some of the most backward districts of Uttar Pradesh. They focus on community organization and empowerment of communities through participatory planning. Through their partnership with Rang De, they also started microcredit and livelihood support programs.

The area now known as the Deoria District was once a part of the Kosala Kingdom - a prime centre of ancient Aryan culture surrounded by the Himalayas in the north, the Shyandika river in the south. Despite the glorious past and the presence of industries, communities in Bahraich and Deoria face a severe end up credit crunch. People borrow from money lenders at exorbitant interest rates. BMSKSS has been able to work with deprived communities and offer them microcredit and livelihood support.

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Anees helps her husband with the laundry that he runs. Their biggest problem was water that was needed in large amounts to run the laundry.
With no water connection, a hand pump was their only option which proved to be laborious and time consuming. The loan was a godsend and they bought a water pump for Rs.3500. The balance was used to get the installation done. This increased their efficiency and they were able to take on more work. Anees has taken a second loan (not from Rang De) and has added some of her own savings to buy, a previously-owned clothes dryer. This has helped to increase their business further and they are happy at the progress made.

Evaluated By : Shruti Nagar

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Bhagrani’s husband Banwari makes beds and unfortunately their savings got wiped out when their son was diagnosed with Japanese encephalitis and the
treatment was expensive and long drawn out. Bhagrani needed a loan of Rs.10000 to set up a small furniture store. However she and Banwari have made the best possible use of the five thousand that they received. Earlier Banwari used to make the main bed but buy the “legs” of the bed from outside and fit them. He now buys the wood and makes the legs too thus saving a little. Bhagrani now plans to take a second loan to set up a paan shop. Her house is on themain road and she feels that she is strategically located to make the shop successful.

Evaluated By : Shruti Nagar

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 77
Total amount disbursed Rs.423,500
Expected repayment so far Rs.423,500
Amount repaid Rs.420,167
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.3,333

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