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Centre for Development Orientation and Training


Location : Bihar

Partner Since : 22-12-2010

Founder : Mr. R.R. Kalyan

About CDOT

Center for Development Orientation and Training (CDOT) was founded in the year 2000 by a group of professionals and social workers. The focus of the organization is on provision of credit and livelihood support. The organisation believes that the development sector needs organized and scientific interventions and has been trying to help new and upcoming NGOS with this methodology.

CDOT works in Nalanda and its nearby areas. Nalanda is one of the 38 districts in Bihar. In ancient India, Nalanda was known for its centres of learning and excellence. It is far from excellence now and perhaps the reason for being chosen by CDOT as its operational area. Handloom weaving is one of the popular occupations in the district. CDOT is trying to make an impact through its microfinance and developmental activities in this district.

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Geeta Devi was doing her daily household chores when we went to meet her. She was making dung cakes for cooking. She has been doing cattle rearing since few years. She availed the Rang De loan amount of Rs5000 and also used her  savings to purchase a buffalo as it fetches more milk with fat but due to some major disease the buffalo died and she was unable to save him. There was a loss in her business.Thereafter she has bought a cow and sells the milk to Milk Samiti which comes to their village regularly at Rs.22 per litre and earns her living. She has two sons and one daughter all of them study in a local government school. She also has a small piece of land where she grows wheat and few seasonal vegetables.She was happy to avail the loan and would like to receive more amount of loan for the second cycle as that would let her buy a good variety of buffalo and fetch her some more income. The loan card and the receipts made quite evident that she repays the money regularly and is aware of the interest rate.

Evaluated By : Aritri

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We met Sushila Devi at her residence. She availed a loan of Rs.5000 and bought goats and later she sold them at a good rate for meat purpose.She repays the money timely every month and is quite aware of the interest rates. The loan amount has been utilised fully by her in buying five goats .Her two sons are married and her husband earns the living by doing daily labour work. She wishes for an increased amount of loan in the second cycle to increase her venture at a steady rate.

Evaluated By : Aritri

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 182
Total amount disbursed Rs.1,110,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.1,110,000
Amount repaid Rs.1,110,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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