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Dharani FaM Coop Ltd


Location : Andhra Pradesh

Partner Since : 29-08-2015

Founder : Bablu Ganguly

About Dharani

Dharani FaM CooP Ltd. is a federation of sanghas and a producer owned business enterprise, promoted by the Timbaktu Collective. It has been formed to help the farmers with the post-production processes and marketing. It procures, stores, processes and markets its members’ produce under brand name Timbaktu Organic.

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Our borrowers and change makers meet on a field trip to Dharani. Dharani FaM CooP ltd. is producer-owned enterprise whose members are from four drought-prone mandals of Anantapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh

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Are you ready for a wonderful journey? Of a land that healed through time. Of farmers abandoning fertilizers and going the organic way? Every year, they go on and with your help, we have crowdsourced multiple loans that they have repaid back again and again.

Evaluated By : Rang De Team

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 11
Total amount disbursed Rs.11,700,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.11,700,000
Amount repaid Rs.11,700,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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