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Gram Utthan


Location : Orissa

Partner Since : 02-04-2009

Founder : Mr. Govind Dash

About Gram Utthan

Gram-Utthan is a microfinance institution, working primarily in Kendrapara and six other adjoining districts in the state of Orissa. It has been one of the leading developmental organisations not only in the district but also in the state. Initially it started developmental intervention in Pimpuri village of Kendrapara district, today it has become one of the major developmental agencies in the state.

Gram Utthan has been reaching out to women from backward communities in Kendrapara as well as in the neighbouring districts. Kendrapara is situated in the north of the Jagatsingpur district and west of Cuttack District. The district has been witness to many natural calamities such as super cyclone of 1999 and tornado in April 2009. Gram Utthan reaches out to some of the poorest communities with the help of their partnership with Rang De.

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We are seeing a surge in interest in organic food across India, especially in the metros, but there is also a growing skepticism associated with the word. Healthier food or a fad? Reserved for the rich or food for all? Truly chemical free or a sales tactic?

As a non-profit organization supporting organic farmers at the grassroots level, we're completely equipped to bust your 'organic' myths!

1. Organic food is a foreign concept
Organic food has been around forever in India, except our farmers didn't call it organic! For the longest time, our farmers have grown their crops using traditional methods of farming. It was only during the 'Green Revolution' post-independence that farmers were encouraged to use chemicals to boost agricultural yields, giving rise to the distinction between organic and non-organic farming.

2) Organic food is expensive
Did you know that it costs more to grow crops using chemicals? That's right, the prices of non-organic food are kept low through a combination of government subsidies, excessive supply and market control by a few dominant players. Organic food is more expensive for a reason. It is not stored in cold storage and expires relatively faster, hence it has to be sold immediately. It is fresh, free of preservatives and healthier. So, farmers take a substantial risk to engage in organic farming.

Evaluated By : Rang De

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An audio evaluation of Lilabai was done by Kaushik. She said that she used the loan and put in Rs.1000 of her own, to buy a sewing machine with advanced features. She is now able to do the picot edges of sarees, and take on more work. Her income has increased from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 every month, which is a big help to run her eight member household.

Evaluated By : Kaushik

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 1580
Total amount disbursed Rs.6,429,500
Expected repayment so far Rs.6,429,500
Amount repaid Rs.6,429,500
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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