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Kotra Adivasi Sansthan


Location : Rajasthan

Partner Since : 28-07-2017

Founder : Mr. Dhramchand Khair

About KAS

As a response to the foresaid, a mass based people’s organization promoted by Astha called Adivasi Vikas Manch, or the Tribal Development Forum, gradually came up into being. When the work area as well as participation of people in this organization started increasing, a pressing need of establishing a support organization of the tribals in area was felt in October 1998. Setting up of the Kotra Adivasi Sansthan (KAS) or the Association of Kotra Tribals was a response to this need. Since then K

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Kotra tehsil in Udaipur district is situated close to the border of Gujarat. Should you cross over the state line, you can see high tension wires running alongside roads bringing electricity to every home. Cross back into Kotra and the lack of it is painfully apparent.

In the village of Dehri, only 50 of its 300 homes are electrified. The remaining 250 households make use of traditional methods of lighting and occasionally try the latest Chinese solar products that are available in plenty at the nearest town. While kerosene lamps give off noxious fumes and are detrimental to human health, the Chinese-made equipment are not durable and wear out very quickly.

There are no simple solutions to the bigger problems that the villagers face but interventions in the form of renewable energy might offer them some respite.

For Bikha Ram and his wife, the new bulbs and tube light are a source of relief since the couple have five children, three of whom are under 4. The family subsists on a slim income mostly earned from cultivating pulses, maize and urad dal. Since they hold a BPL card, they receive 3 liters of kerosene as monthly rations and use it to light lanterns after dark.

The family live in a thatched home that is surrounded by dry underbrush characteristic of semi-arid areas therefore it is not unusual for snakes and insects to find their way into the house.Now that the solar panels have been installed, Bikha Ram says that it “feels better and safer for his wife and children”.

Having used solar products in the past that never functioned satisfactorily, he is particularly glad that his newly acquired lighting system comes with a one-year warranty. He gets to save the rationed kerosene and does not buy diesel anymore. In time, the benefits of this renewable energy initiative will become more apparent. For now, we leave Bikha Ram and his wife to go about their chores in their home which is now illuminated with better and brighter lights.

Thank you for contributing to Bikha Ram's loan. If you would like to help other families who are in need of solar lighting, please click on the link.

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Life off the grid is normal for the people of Dehri. This small village in Southern Rajasthan is one among thousands of unelectrified villages in India. In Dehri, a few houses situated close to the main road receive an erratic supply of electricity while the ones on the hillside receive none at all.

In fact, most of the adivasis who live here have grown up with diyas and kerosene lanterns as the only source of light after nightfall. 52-year-old Kapura Ram, a marginal farmer, never thought he would see the day when a light bulb would glow in his home. That day arrived mid-October when Boond, the technical partner for KAS’s solar lighting project installed solar panels on the roof of his house.

They fitted three bulbs, a tube light and a charging point for mobile phones, all of which are connected to a battery powered by solar energy.

What a change this has made for the family!

Kapura Ram says he no longer buys diesel to light the lamps in his house which helps him save Rs.140 per month. His wife is able to take her time cooking dinner and getting household chores done while his little granddaughter plays indoors without any danger of getting burnt by the diyas. “Now that there is a light outside the house, even the goats feel safe”, said Kapura Ram when we met him during a visit to Udaipur district last November.

Evaluated By : Ahinsa Sharma

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