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Nav Jagriti


Location : Bihar

Partner Since : 02-09-2015

Founder : Jitendra Kumar

About Nav Jagriti

Nav Jagriti, a grass root level non-government organization, was institutionalized in the year 1993 under Indian Societies registration Act’1860. The organization federally operates in addressing the different issues of flood prone and water logging areas of Bihar. As target groups, NJ has been working with and for Ultra poor beggars, downtrodden, deprived and most marginalized people, poorest of the poor, women, girls and children, poor and marginalized farmers, adolescent boys and girls, migrant communities , commercial sex workers, needy and helpless, neglected & trafficked children , flood and disasters affected people as the priority groups.

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During the last week of January, we visited the flood-hit Sitamarhi district in Bihar to learn how our borrowers were faring. A somber sight greeted us as we made our way to the village of Runni Saidpur. Roads were damaged in several places; the local dam stood broken against the skyline and a few fields remained waterlogged ever since August 2017 when the Bagmati and Gandak rivers flooded their embankments and inundated neighboring villages.

On reaching Runni Saidpur, we could see some measure of improvement as houses and shops had been rebuilt with limited resources salvaged from the flood.

We met Kiran Devi, a second cycle borrower who took a loan early last year to buy a buffalo for her milk business. Fortunately, her livestock were not affected by the floods and continue to give milk. She has two buffaloes and sells 4-5 kg of milk per day for Rs.30- Rs.35 per liter.

She told us that she and her husband had always been apprehensive about taking loans, as they were afraid of falling into debt. Although she had been thinking about starting a small milk business for 7 years, she did not feel comfortable approaching any of the local lenders for a loan.

After hearing how other members of her SHG had benefitted from Rang De microloans, she plucked up the courage to apply for one to invest in her paan shop. Later, she went on to apply for a second loan which she is in the process of repaying. Kiran Devi has also taken a loan from Bandhan Bank to pay for repairs on her home which was damaged during the flood.

At present, the incomes she earns from both occupations are seeing her three children through school. She is happy that two of them are enrolled at a good school in Patna where her husband holds a job at a private factory. She plans to take another loan later this year to buy a better breed of buffalo that costs around Rs.60000 as the milk production is higher than what she gets from the existing animals.

We look forward to supporting Kiran Devi in her endeavours so that she can sustain her home-based business in the long run and help her family recover from the loss they suffered during the flood.

Thank you for funding Kiran Devi’s loan. If you would like to help other women who are in need of an affordable loan, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain

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Standing in front of her thatched home, Sugiya Devi smiles brightly, a pleasant picture against the dull cold day. She seems to enjoy posing for photographs and has her children join in for a third at our request. We wonder at her cheerful greeting and her eagerness to talk to us. Here was a woman who had lost almost everything she owned in the floods that ravaged her village last August.

Aside from household belongings, Sugiya Devi lost the entire store of grains that she and her husband had worked hard all season to harvest. The family received Rs.6000 as government compensation but that sum did not go very far since the damage was extensive.

Sugiya’s husband is presently working as a labourer in Jammu and Kashmir where tourism thrives and there is always the promise of gainful employment. Although he prefers to remain in Rampur village, jobs are few since the village head uses the benefit of the MGNREGA scheme to his own advantage.

Sugiya, for her part, runs a neighbourhood tailoring shop, an activity that she learnt during an NGO training six years ago.

Clad in a colorful saree and sweater to keep warm in the chilly weather, she shows us the sewing machine she bought with her second Rang De loan. While her first loan went towards a semi-automatic machine, the second one paid for a fully automatic machine. This has greatly improved the efficiency and ease of working. At the moment orders are fewer in number but Sugiya is optimistic about the future and believes more will come in time.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain Praveen Kumar

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 689
Total amount disbursed Rs.6,411,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.6,411,002
Amount repaid Rs.5,720,334
Amount delayed Rs.684,501
Amount defaulted Rs.6,167

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