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Pardada Pardadi Educational Society


Location : Uttar Pradesh

Partner Since : 26-08-2015

Founder : Virendra "Sam" Singh

About PPES

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) is facilitating the creation of a socially and economically empowered rural society. PPES is a social and economic empowerment initiative. Most importantly, it attempts to eradicate female discrimination and provide gender equality. This will allow women to have an equal share in the continual growth of their country. To do this, PPES is providing education that will allow women to become economically dependent and socially enlightened which, in turn, will create a society in which all children will have an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.

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Written by Garbita Mitra and Atirsha Sharma

Many areas in Uttar Pradesh are infamous for the patriarchal mindset prevalent amid the villages. In the district of Bulandshahr, though, our field partner, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), provides free education for girls. Meena Singh and Rashmi Choudhary, who are now 3rd year B Sc. Nursing students from Kailash institute of Nursing in Noida, had the privilege of attending PPES.

Following the footsteps of some of their school seniors, Meena and Rashmi opted for nursing three years ago. They were the only ones in their respective villages to take up a professional degree course in the hope that it would help them financially support their family in future.

Today, their courage has motivated others in their villages to follow suit as well and their parents are also respected in their village.

‘We are well known faces of our villages now,’ the girls laughed when we met them. Their carefree youth has prevented them from being self-conscious.

We were in Meena’s room which was clean and filled with books. It gave an insight into how much effort they put into their studies.

These two girls manage their lives with the limited amount of money sent by their parents. At the same time, they told us that cultural differences do make them feel restrained. For example, during friends’ birthdays, they contribute towards the cake just to fit in even if it's not an expense that they can really afford.

These two young girls seem well-prepared to face competition within a city. They seem prepared to communicate with boys and they seem prepared to face the challenges of the nursing profession.

‘It's difficult, but it will get better,’ they said with remarkable maturity when asked about nightshifts and other difficulties that they are likely to face in a year's time when they will graduate and work as nurses.

The striking feature of these two young and simple girls is their enthusiasm for nursing. Both of them want to play their part in helping the community and caring for the ill.

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