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Rural Education and Action for Liberation

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Location : Tamilnadu

Founded in : 23-06-2015

Founder : Lawrence Arumainathan

About REAL

REAL works to capacitate the rural poor to become more active facilitators, effective enablers in building community based organizations to achieve social justice and equality within the community to make it a reality. REAL works for rural dalit, tribal women, children and aged, who are economically backward, discriminated and vulnerable at all levels.

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Written by Sara Khan

We were first introduced to Anbarasi during a group meeting with a few Rang De borrowers and federation leaders in Silambinathanpettai village in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

Anbarasi's radiant smile caught our attention. She easily stood out from the crowd.

When you first meet Anbarasi, she is so full of life that you are surprised when you find out about her difficult life. Anbarasi had recently lost her husband.

Anbarasi and her daughter, a saleswoman, have been working relentlessly to fill the financial and emotional gap that her husband left behind.

Anbarasi is a first time borrower. This means that she had never taken a loan before in her life. Had she gone to illicit sources of lending then she would have been burdened with a high interest rate and barely make anything for herself after the repayment.

Such villages have rarely any alternative to moneylending.

Luckily for Anbarasi, she received her loan from Rang De in December last year. She has been involved in the business of goat rearing for a few years now although she had never had to finance it herself.

Evaluated By : Chiani, Neha & Sara

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Written by Sara Khan

Sitting among other self-help group members and Rang De borrowers, 41 year old Kalaiselvi from Melapalachanallur village in Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu greeted us with a coy smile.

She has been involved in the business of goat rearing for a few years now but has not managed to earn a substantial amount of income through the venture. Her goats have not been productive enough which has led to low returns and low income. Thus, she is forced to work as a daily wage worker to bring in at least some money into the household.

Kailaselvi lives with her husband and two sons, both studying in college, in a small thatched house without adequate sanitation facilities. Her husband does not contribute much to the household income and often sits at home without any productive work at hand. Her sons’ education and household expenses have all fallen on the shoulders of Kailaselvi until her sons start earning. Thus, Kalaiselvi decided to approach Rang De for a loan to buy two goats to increase her flock and income.

Evaluated By : Chiani, Neha & Sara

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 1765
Total amount disbursed Rs.18,224,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.7,255,319
Amount repaid Rs.10,968,681
Amount delayed Rs.373,338
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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