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Saath Livelihoods

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Location : Gujarat

Partner Since : 23-05-2015

Founder : Rajendra Joshi

About Saath

Saath Livelihoods aims to improve quality of life of vulnerable urban and rural populations through enhanced livelihood options.
RWeaves is a branding and marketing program for high quality hand-woven products launched by Saath Livelihoods, with the aim of sustaining traditional arts of weaving, and to establish an exclusive, high-quality brand of hand woven products with the objectives of reviving the use of Tangaliya and Patola fabrics and making the livelihoods of the rural weavers/ artisans sustainable. RWeaves supports the artisans by organizing weaving workshops, development of new designs and products, and by supplying small loans.

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A Tangaliya shawl is a handwoven shawl and textile made by the Dangasia community from Schedule Caste in Gujarat, India. Six from our community of borrowers hail from the community in Surendranagar and have been able to enhance their businesses over the years with the help of Rang De loans. In August 2016, we met Babu Bhai Mulji Bhai Rathod who told us about how Rang De and SAATH helped his community keep the tradition alive.

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Written by Kavya Rao

Rang De team member Harmandeep Singh visited the villages of Dedadra and Katariya in Gujarat in August 2016. He met with borrowers associated with SAATH Livelihoods, our field partner who works with weavers in rural Gujarat. Babu Bhai Mulji Bhai Rathod was one the borrowers he met.

Babu Bhai availed a Rang De loan of Rs 40,000 in July 2015 for the purpose of purchasing raw materials for his weaving business. He also needed to do some minor repairs to his pit loom so that he could continue weaving without any hitch. After availing the loan, Babu Bhai’s income has increased to Rs 20,000 - 25,000 per month.

A resident of Dedara in Surendranagar district, Gujarat, Babu Bhai belongs to the Dangasia community which has been involved in weaving the Tangaliya shawl and textile for over 700 years. Native to this region, this craft is not very well recognized across the country and this has always proven to be a challenge for these weavers.

The weavers in Gujarat prefer to use pit looms since they consume lesser space. Babubhai can be seen at his pit loom for 8-9 hours every day, weaving delicate shawls.

A father of three, Babu Bhai’s family includes his children, wife and aged father. While his daughters are pursuing their graduation, his son is now in class 12. When asked if his son will take up weaving like his father, Babu Bhai refused. “My son is interested in photography and would like to do a course in that,” he told Harmandeep, adding that people are leaving weaving because a lot of hard work is involved in it and the pay is very less.

Evaluated By : Harmandeep Singh

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Total No. of Loans 15
Total amount disbursed Rs.990,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.905,833
Amount repaid Rs.905,833
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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