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Samagra Gram Vikas Sanstha

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Location : Maharashtra

Partner Since : 02-02-2009

Founder : Mr. M.M. Bhange

About Sagras

Sagras is a registered society founded in 1998 and works exclusively with marginalized women. Major initiatives of Sagras include micro credit, through formation of self help groups and implementation of integrated watershed development programmes. The organization believes in and fosters a spirit of independence and self reliance among the women they work with.

Yavatmal District is located in the eastern region (Vidarbha) in Maharashtra. It is one of the most backward regions of the state. The district faces severe water shortage and that explains Sagras’ involvement in watershed development projects. Most people in the region are dependent on agriculture or employment in small scale industries for their livelihoods.

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Written by Lydia Paulraj

Pusad is a large town in the district of Yavatmal, Maharashtra, well-connected to surrounding cities. In one of its many homes, a woman is working at her sewing machine.

This is Shamshad Begum Shahadulla. She has a small space devoted to her tailoring work where her sewing machine and such tools as she needs are kept. There is a cupboard with open shelves along one side covered carefully with what appears to be a bedsheet. Piled high on top of it are an assortment of clothes that her customers expect her to finish in due course.

Shamshad does not say much. She appears to be content listening to her mother recounting their story.

Rabbani Begum is in marked contrast to her daughter. She is confident and speaks with ease. She runs a small shop selling snacks and maintains a few other side businesses as well.

Rabbani narrates how Shamshad suffered an attack of typhoid which was not properly treated. As a result, she requires a little additional care. Her husband left her 10 years ago and she has since been living with her mother and six others including her brother.

In spite of the many challenges they face, this mother and daughter duo are working hard to bring a positive change to their lives. The two sell vegetables and run a small tailoring business.

Rabbani explains that Shamshad used to work outside their home. She thought that starting a small shop would keep her daughter closer to home and help her work with ease.

Evaluated By : Sara Khan

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Written by Lydia Paulraj

Of the many borrowers that the Rang De team met at Pusad, Maharashtra, Sitabai Pandurang certainly stood out. From the way the pallu of her grey saree stayed tucked at her side, you form the idea that here is a busy woman.

Sitabai lives with her husband in a fair sized home with a small courtyard and two rooms built at the back. Each of these rooms are a testimony to her industrious spirit. One houses a flour mill and the other is used to stock sarees and stationery.

Sitabai runs these businesses with what appears to be little help from her husband who has not worked in years. At the time of our visit to her home, he sat with a friend, sipping chai, dragging on a beedi and supervising a woodcutter engaged in clearing shrubs away.

The house they live in has been purchased out of Sitabai’s own earnings. It is kept clean and the shelves of her little store room are neatly stacked with sarees.

With grown up children who are married and settled elsewhere, Sitabai does not waste much time worrying about who will care for her. Aside from stationery, she sells readymade garments bought wholesale and operates the flour mill.

The mill was purchased with a loan from Rang De through a joint liability group (people who avail loans together). She also used part of the funds to buy more garments in order to boost sales.

Evaluated By : Sara Khan

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Total No. of Loans 9012
Total amount disbursed Rs.87,550,500
Expected repayment so far Rs.84,020,320
Amount repaid Rs.80,178,845
Amount delayed Rs.3,808,808
Amount defaulted Rs.32,667

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