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Sambhav Social Service Organisation

Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior

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Since: September 2009
Founder: Ms. Priyanka Singh

Partnership Summary:

Total No. of Loans: 205

Total amount disbursed: Rs. 1080000

Expected repayment so far: Rs. 1080000

Amount repaid: Rs. 1044167 (0.9668212962962963)

Amount delayed: Rs. 35833 (0.0331787037037037)

Amount defaulted: Rs. 0 (0.0)

Sambhav is a voluntary organization founded in 1988 with a belief to build a society that is equitable, just and provides equal opportunities to all sections of the society, especially the marginalized and backward classes. Sambhav has a deeply rooted goal to bring about a change in the lives of deprived communities by organizing people and capacity building.

Gwalior hosts a range of industries that produce cotton, yarn, paint, ceramics, chemicals, and leather products. Despite having a good blend of a glorious past and modern development, there are areas that are utterly backward in terms of socio-economic indicators. Sambhav works with these backward communities and supports them with access to microcredit, health and sanitation to bring about overall development in the society.

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