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Social Action for Rural Community


Location : Orissa

Partner Since : 14-03-2012

Founder : Mr. Ashok Kumar Panigrahi

About SARC

Social Action for Rural Community (SARC), a grass root community based non profit voluntary organisation evolved in the year 1996 in a tribal village of Budulapali in Kuchinda Block of Sambalpur District for the socio economic upliftment of disadvantaged tribal and rural communities. The organisation is governed by general board consisting of 11 members who hail from Social Activist, Finance, Educationalist and Environmentalist backgrounds. Initially starting from a small village the organisation is now working in 9 Blocks of Sambalpur District and the 4 Districts of Jharsuguda, Bargarh, Sundargarh and Deogarh.

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Written by Thrishika Kanthraj

When Ananya Ghosh, a Senior Impact Manager with Rang De arrived in Sambalpur district in Orissa, she expected language to be an obvious barrier to her conversations with borrowers who lacked formal education and largely spoke Odiya. In Malipali village, however, she was pleasantly surprised to find Sonu Nag, a fourth cycle borrower from Rang De who was eager to welcome Ananya in fluent Hindi.

As Sonu began to answer her questions, Ananya soon learnt that the reason behind Sonu’s ability to converse in Hindi was her travels to distant Kolkata city, from where she sourced sarees to sell to the women in her village. She has been running a business of selling these sarees for over 8 years now and has gained in experience, confidence and income. She now procures sarees from wholesalers in Sambalpur itself, as it is more economical and a wider variety is now available closer home.

She offers sarees for sale at her home and at retail prices. She maintains a good record of the quantity and price of the sarees purchased and sold, as well as that of the resulting profit. It is a reasonable profit too, averaging Rs 5,000 per month. She has a good set of loyal customers that she has built over time.

"I have distributed my mobile phone number, there are some advertisements and that's how people come and buy" she told Ananya.

Evaluated By : Ananya Ghosh

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Written by Suhas Bhat

Isn't it wonderful when lives get transformed and new businesses are born that allow for a complete change in the life of a person? A small kaccha snacks shop outside Naikpada village in Sambalpur, Orissa, has done just that for the Banachhors.

A mother of three daughters, Premasila heard about Rang De loans offered by our Impact partner Social Action for Rural Community and entreated her husband to give up labour work and dream of starting his own business. The first loan was repaid, a second loan taken and a third loan was granted recently when Rang De Impact team member Ananya Ghosh visited this small village in July 2016.

Their bravery must be commended as they dared to open a small, kaccha roadside shop where you get all the fried stuff you get in these areas - fried kachoris and other edible stuff. There was nothing much else around in the business but they saw the opportunity and have now managed to attract a regular clientele of travellers and villagers.

It helps that it is on the main road and Saheba, Premasila's husband, does what he can to make sure his customers have a decent meal in the modest and cool surroundings even if the walls are made of mud and the ceiling made of mere wood.

Evaluated By : Ananya Ghosh

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Total No. of Loans 1864
Total amount disbursed Rs.18,706,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.18,705,886
Amount repaid Rs.17,824,880
Amount delayed Rs.853,756
Amount defaulted Rs.27,250

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