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Location : Jharkhand

Partner Since : 15-02-2015

Founder : Shubhra Dwivedy


SEEDS has been granted a Certificate of Accreditation for a second time in succession, for a period of five years, from 29th Apr 2014 to 28th Apr 2019, by Credibility Alliance for adhering to the Desirable Norms prescribed for good governance of Voluntary Organisations in India.

Vision: A Society where the equality and justice prevail and where the underprivileged can harness their potential for achieving and sustaining a better quality of life.

Mission: Building an enabling environment for strengthening the capacity of the grass root people leading to their empowerment.

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There is just one shop in the Pusabani village where you just have to go because you get ladoos there.

These ladoos changed Leelavati’s life.

The ladoos are so tasty and, as she is the only woman who knows how to cook them, people come from all over the village just to her shop to eat them once a week. These ladoos even cost Rs 10!

That is the equivalent of a delicacy costing Rs 500 in cities so you know the people who come to her stall appreciate her ladoos enough to fork out such an amount.

To say that she was ecstatic when we met her would be putting it mildly.

“Aap aaya aur meri dukan aaye! Aap ki waje sey meinne apni dukan ko khul saki,” she announced.

“Mere do betey kuch plan kar sake.”

Leelavati lives in a remote village in Jharkhand – during the raining season, there is no route to reach the village with a river blocking the way.

There is just a kaccha road that you need to walk for around 2km to reach the village.

The people of the village eat rice with water and salt during the tough months of the year and usually carry out multiple trades - paddy cultivation, vegetable vending, pigeon rearing, poultry farm, goat rearing, pig rearing, pigeon rearing – just to make ends meet.

Yes, even pigeons.

These pigeons, which live inside matkas on the ceilings, are consumed for their meat.

Lilavati Das has been in the chai & ladoo selling business for 20 years. She had to take a break recently as the debts had piled up necessitating her involvement in labour work. Making ladoos had always been her passion but it wasn’t until she received a loan from Rang De that she was able to restart her stall.

Previously, she used to earn Rs 60-70 Rs/day but after the investment, she is now raking in Rs 200 per day, a huge amount within the tribal communities of Jharkand.

Evaluated By : Suhas Bhat

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Total No. of Loans 62
Total amount disbursed Rs.270,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.270,000
Amount repaid Rs.270,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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