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Socio Economic & Education Development Society

Jharkhand, East Singhbhum, Seraikela Kharsawan,West Singhbhum and Khunti.

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Since: February 2015
Founder: Shubhra Dwivedy

Partnership Summary:

Total No. of Loans: 62

Total amount disbursed: Rs. 270000

Expected repayment so far: Rs. 250231

Amount repaid: Rs. 250231 (1.0)

Amount delayed: Rs. 0 (0.0)

Amount defaulted: Rs. 0 (0.0)

SEEDS has been granted a Certificate of Accreditation for a second time in succession, for a period of five years, from 29th Apr 2014 to 28th Apr 2019, by Credibility Alliance for adhering to the Desirable Norms prescribed for good governance of Voluntary Organisations in India.

Vision: A Society where the equality and justice prevail and where the underprivileged can harness their potential for achieving and sustaining a better quality of life.

Mission: Building an enabling environment for strengthening the capacity of the grass root people leading to their empowerment.

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