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Location : Manipur

Partner Since : 15-03-2012

Founder : Kh. Chinglen Singh

About SEVA

SEVA has been registered as a society and historically involved with social activities and SHG promotion in the area in and around Imphal, capital of Manipur. In the year 2009, SEVA started its own Micro-finance operations to provide SHG members access to financial services. SEVA was established in the year 1991 on 12th of January by a group of social workers with a view to undertake various activities for the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the society.

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Whenever Binita Devi needed a loan, she would pawn her jewellery and use the money to pay for weaving expenses. This was the only experience of credit that she was familiar with. A weaver from East Imphal, Binita relied on her own earnings or those of her husband’s to support her livelihood. Inaoton Singh worked as a driver and earned between Rs.8000 – Rs.12000 as wages. The couple’s expenditure included Rs.650 per month as daycare fees for their toddler.

Binita weaves winter shawls and sells them to a middleman for Rs.300-Rs.700 per piece depending on the design. During our conversation with her, she told us that she could only fulfil part of the demand but did not feel comfortable applying for a loan to improve production. High-interest rates were continuously a deterrent until she heard about Rang De’s low-interest loans from SHG members. Their experiences reflected confidence in the organisation’s processes thus encouraging her to apply for a livelihood loan.

With more weaving supplies, Binita is able to produce 20-30 shawls every month and credits the loan for helping her plan purchases and expenses in a more organized manner. As for income, she earns four times her previous earnings, averaging Rs.4000 every month. The increased earnings have led to better savings as Binita now deposits Rs.2500 in a chit fund.

Thank you for contributing to Binita Devi's loan. If you would like to help other women from Manipur, please click on the link.

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Traditional Manipuri shawls are easily identifiable by their bright contrasting colours. It is on one such shawl that Sumati Devi is working when we visit her home in Lairikyengbam village. Production has picked up considerably thanks to a recent loan from Rang De that paid for more wool, dyes, detergents, starch and other supplies.

At 55, Sumati is a seasoned hand at the loom and has been weaving woollen shawls for thirty years. The income from this livelihood paid for her children’s schooling and has now seen them into college. The eldest daughter Sibhani is studying to be a nurse while her son Raikar is pursuing a B.Sc degree. Her youngest daughter Mandhali is still in high school but five years from now may want to follow in her siblings’ footsteps and go to college as well. By then, both Sibhani and Raikar would have found employment and will be able to do their part for the family. Presently, the cost of educating the two of them works out to Rs.1 lakh per year, a hefty sum for both Sumati and her husband Prithibabu.

Fortunately, she earns a good deal more than before, selling 30-40 shawls in a month and is able to manage these expenses a little better. Her monthly income has increased from Rs.4000 to Rs.12000 and enables a savings of Rs.2100 every month. Previously, she used to avail loans from a moneylender who charged her an interest of 5% thereby drastically reducing her ability to save or reinvest in the business. Now that she has a more reasonable source of credit, Sumati is confident of expanding her business and improving the family’s financial stability.

Thank you for contributing to Sumati Devi's loan. If you would like to help other women from Manipur, please click on the link.

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Total No. of Loans 7763
Total amount disbursed Rs.89,737,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.89,737,004
Amount repaid Rs.81,967,728
Amount delayed Rs.7,727,609
Amount defaulted Rs.41,667

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