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Self Employment Voluntary Association

Manipur, Imphal

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Since: March 2012
Founder: Kh. Chinglen Singh

Partnership Summary:

Total No. of Loans: 6116

Total amount disbursed: Rs. 60518000

Expected repayment so far: Rs. 45767888

Amount repaid: Rs. 45704554 (0.9986161913348504)

Amount delayed: Rs. 34167 (7.465277838470502E-4)

Amount defaulted: Rs. 29167 (6.372808813026286E-4)

SEVA has been registered as a society and historically involved with social activities and SHG promotion in the area in and around Imphal, capital of Manipur. In the year 2009, SEVA started its own Micro-finance operations to provide SHG members access to financial services. SEVA was established in the year 1991 on 12th of January by a group of social workers with a view to undertake various activities for the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the society.

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