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Location : Manipur

Partner Since : 15-03-2012

Founder : Kh. Chinglen Singh

About SEVA

SEVA has been registered as a society and historically involved with social activities and SHG promotion in the area in and around Imphal, capital of Manipur. In the year 2009, SEVA started its own Micro-finance operations to provide SHG members access to financial services. SEVA was established in the year 1991 on 12th of January by a group of social workers with a view to undertake various activities for the welfare of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of the society.

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In the past, parents from low-income communities would send their children to work as soon as they were old enough. It meant an additional source of livelihood for the entire family.

Today, they sacrifice that income so that their children can achieve more and live out a dream they could never have themselves.

This is the changing face of rural India.

For Thongam Sapana Devi, her children’s education has always been a priority. She sets aside much of her earnings as a dried fish vendor to pay school fees and other related expenses.

Her husband, a mason, has completed his schooling and would like to see his children do the same.

The couple scrim and save as much as they can to put their son Tomthinganba and daughter Ladiya Chanu through school. Tomthinganba is studying class 6 while 7-year-old Ladiya is class 2.

Evaluated By : Sonali Chakraborty

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It’s a long and steady climb up the hills in picturesque Chandel, one of the least populated districts in Manipur. Our destination is the Little Drops Life Home, where 81 children between ages 6-18 are presently residing.

Many of the children here are orphaned or come from poverty-ridden homes. Single parents and those who are too ill to care for their little ones make the difficult choice of leaving their children here in the hopes that they can live a more stable life.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that all the children at Little Drops could speak English and attend an English medium school.

The boys and girls are housed in separate dormitories in the hostel. They are allotted certain responsibilities such as ringing the school bell, meal calls and study time and take these duties in turn. Each dorm has a captain on a rotation basis thus giving different children a chance to assume that responsibility.

Recently, seven of the older children left the home and are now helping their single parents.

Little Drops goes to great lengths to improve the lives of the children who are entrusted to their care. A health centre has been recently opened in order to provide in-house treatment for minor illnesses. The administrators hope to find a good doctor who will perform general health checkups and provide treatment to children who fall sick.

Aside from this, there are centres for counselling, training and medical care. The staff rear pigs to help meet the expenses of running these centres.

Evaluated By : Sonali Chakraborty

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Total No. of Loans 7561
Total amount disbursed Rs.81,227,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.68,531,001
Amount repaid Rs.67,413,302
Amount delayed Rs.1,088,532
Amount defaulted Rs.29,167

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