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Shakti Mahila Sangh


Location : Madhya Pradesh

Partner Since : 16-07-2012

Founder : N.K.Parihar

About Shakti Mahila Sangh

'Shakti Mahila Sangh Bahu-Uddeshiya Swayatta Sahkarita, Maryadit' in short Shakti Mahila Sangh (SMS) is registered under the Madhya Pradesh Swayatta Sahkarita Adhiniyam, 1999. The mission of SMS is to empower the underprivileged, with special emphasis on women by providing them financial and livelihood support services. The main purpose of creating this co-operative is to use the power of the collective for financial inclusion along with livelihood support services to its members.

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Amerika like many other women of her group has used the loan to by a indigenous variety cow. The cow provides 2-3 litres of milk. The women of her group collectively are able to sell 25-30 litres of milk every day. One of group member's husband collects the milk and takes the produce by train to Katni for sales. He has contracted with a local hotel in Katni which buys milk from him. Every week the profit is distributed amongst the group members. Amerika too contributes her share of milk. She told us that she also does bidi rolling and gets Rs.60 per 1000 bidis rolled. Her husband works in a stone quarry as a daily wager.

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Jayanti came across as a communicative person who wears multiple hats. She is a wife, mother and business women. We met her during the group meeting. Like most of the women in the group Jayanti has used the loan for buying a cow. It is an indigenous variety of cow and provides only 2 liters of milk a day. Jayanti is able to sell a liter of milk every day which fetches her Rs.30. This small revenue takes care of cow feed and few other expenses. Jayanti also does bidi rolling which helps her earn a little extra. Her husband is a daily wager and a farmer. The couple owns around 2 acres of land which provides them some income and food for the year. The land is not very fertile and the crop depends upon seasonal rains. Despite everything, Jayanti has ensured that her 2 children go to school and that she save some money every month for the future. Jayanti certainly is a role model for all.

Evaluated By : Nikhil

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 2437
Total amount disbursed Rs.21,909,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.21,909,000
Amount repaid Rs.21,909,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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