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Sornammal Education Trust


Location : Tamil Nadu

Partner Since : 03-11-2009

Founder : Mr. Pandiarajan

About Sornammal Trust

Sornammal Educational Trust was established in the year 1996. From 2004, In order to enhance the earning capacity of the poor families, the women were organized in Self Help Groups (SHGs). They are linked with Bank Loans to establish Micro Enterprises and wherever possible they are supported with Govt. subsidy / other assistance. The organisation envisages an economically independent, socially empowered poverty free sustainable society with human dignity and values.

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The loan money came in handy for Vani, who invested the amount on buying additional vegetable stock for her business. Though she has 12 years of trading experience, availability of funds has been the crucial factor in determining Vani’s success. Even now she believes that investing a higher amount on securing vegetables at wholesale rates alone can make her business yield better results. Vani plans to take a second loan for this purpose.

Evaluated By : Saritha

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Selvi’s life has been jostled ever since her husband passed away. She finds it very hard to cope-up with her business of selling fire wood and bringing up 4 children on her limited income. Her average monthly income is around Rs 2000-3000 and this barely covers family needs. Selvi needs a further loan to develop her business and bring up the children despite her woes.

Evaluated By : Saritha

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 18
Total amount disbursed Rs.110,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.110,000
Amount repaid Rs.110,000
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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