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Assam, Kamrup (M)

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Since: August 2015
Founder: Suchismita Mazumdar

Partnership Summary:

Total No. of Loans: 69

Total amount disbursed: Rs. 2225000

Expected repayment so far: Rs. 1881250

Amount repaid: Rs. 1495000 (0.7946843853820598)

Amount delayed: Rs. 386250 (0.2053156146179402)

Amount defaulted: Rs. 0 (0.0)

Swabalambi is a pioneering CBO practicing Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for mainstreaming and inclusion of all Persons with Disabilities in the rural areas of Assam. For holistic development of Persons with Disabilities Swabalambi works in the CBR matrix of Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment for total participation and enjoyment of Human Rights with all the members of the community.
It operates in 160 villages located in 02 blocks of Kamrup District (Metro) and Kamrup District (Rural) with the vision of building a society where people with disability enjoy equal Human Rights, and become decision makers, and contributors to community welfare.

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