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Location : Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan

Partner Since : 03-11-2008

Founder : Ms. Vanitha Vishwanath

About Udyogini

Udyogini is a non-profit institution established in 1992 by the World Bank to provide capacity building support to NGOs in promoting women entrepreneurship. Till date Udyogini has built knowledge & skills of teams of about 200+ Non-profits to help more than 2,00,000 rural women in various parts of India to engage in micro-enterprises. Currently, Udyogini is working in 5 low income states viz. Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand to impart customized quality business services to enable rural women to build knowledge, skills and attitude to engage in farm, forest, livestock and non-farm based products to earn and grow as well as to take on the differential roles the market expects and to manage the competition that the market engenders. In last ten years, Udyogini has helped 25000 women producers to double their income.

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A village grocery store is a place where local folk can get more than just their groceries. Mobile recharging and Xerox facilities are additional services that are available in some of the stores. This gives them an edge over the local competition.

Rang De borrower Parvatiya Bai runs one such shop in Maaldha, a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla district. Her store is exceptional because it has a small tailoring unit where simple mending and sewing services are offered. She even keeps a stock of poultry feed as many of the villagers rear hens at home. Since small grocery stores depend on daily sales which generally involve small purchases, these additional services ensure that she earns a better income.

The combined earnings from her store and her husband’s farming activities are what keep their household running. The couple’s two sons are still studying and at times, it becomes hard to manage the ever-increasing expenses.

Parvatiya has been sustaining her business for the past 4 years by taking loans from friends at an interest rate of 12%. Earlier this year, she was able to avail a low-cost loan to help with restocking the store. She utilised the money to buy groceries in bulk and has seen an increase in her monthly earnings. Previously, Parvatiya used to earn around Rs.1200 per month.

After the fresh infusion of capital, she now earns Rs.2500, more than double her earlier income. Her savings have increased from Rs.850 to Rs.1200 in the past few months, helping her set aside something for a rainy day.

Although her sons will soon be in a position to contribute to the family income, Parvatiya wants to continue running her store for her own satisfaction.

Thank you for investing in Parvatiya Bai’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Madhya Pradesh, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain

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In Narayanganj, Madhya Pradesh, 30-year-old Sita Bai grinds grain into flour for a living. She is the proprietor of a small establishment that has been set up as an extension of her home. In this way, she is able to manage her household duties and attend to customers as well. The business is looked after by either Sita Bai or her husband, Gyan Singh, as both are engaged in other income-earning activities.

Gyan Singh divides his time between daily wage labour, farming and helping his wife.

Sita Bai has been running this business for the past two years. Previously she used to operate her mill with a diesel engine and realised that it was costing more to run it. Although her business was doing well, Sita Bai earned a lower profit since she was spending money on diesel. She and her husband wanted to switch to using an electric motor but could not afford to make the investment since they had no savings.

Like many people in her community, Sita Bai did not trust banks and always assumed that they charged more than moneylenders. Although she had a bank account, it was only used occasionally for withdrawals. When Gyan Singh heard that Rang De was offering affordable loans for livelihood improvement, he convinced his wife to apply for one for a sum of Rs.10000.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain

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Total No. of Loans 764
Total amount disbursed Rs.6,273,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.4,848,831
Amount repaid Rs.4,836,331
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.12,500

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