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Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh

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Location : Uttarakhand

Partner Since : 19-05-2016

Founder : Kamal Nayan Badoni

About UMM

Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ltd. (UMM) is apex federation of women SHGs, registered under Uttarakhand Self Reliant Cooperative Act 2003, established to meet the financial service needs of the poor clients/people living in one of the most underserved areas of Uttarakhand state, structured as a community based microfinance institution UMM's mandate has been to focus on the solutions that provide direct socio economic improvement to the marginalized and low - income households.

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A walk through the quiet village of Thapondi in hilly Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand brings us to a small shop. We are here to meet one of our borrowers, Rekha Devi who runs the store along with her husband Shishupal Singh. As she was busy with a customer, we took the opportunity to look around the shop.

The shelves were stuffed with a variety of products such as clothing, notebooks, stationery, decorative items, glass bangles and much more. After picking out some pretty colored bangles, the customer at the counter obligingly posed for a quick photo, paid for her purchases and left.

Rekha took a quick break to talk to us. She told us that business was not always good. In fact, the store shelves were bare on most days as she and Shishupal had very little money in hand to invest in stocking up. With a limited range of items to sell, most customers would go to other shops located in the area that had more to offer.

This loss of business was quite a blow to the couple as they have no other alternative source of income. They own no land or cattle and have sunk most of their earnings into their household, two young children, and store.

Since Rekha is a member of the Machnadika SHG, she learned of how Rang De offered low-cost collateral-free loans for enhancing livelihood incomes. She applied for one such loan for a sum of Rs.15000 and on receiving the money, used it to buy many products in bulk.

With fresh stock on the shelves, more customers have been visiting her store and daily sales amount to Rs.200-Rs.300. This figure increases exponentially during the festive season and on special occasions. Aside from the store, Rekha also knits woolen sweaters and sells them in her shop.

Stories like Rekha’s abound in different states of India where affordable microfinance is slowly making inroads. We hope to reach out to more self-employed women in rural areas so that a positive impact is created at both the household and village level.

Thank you for investing in Rekha Devi’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Uttarakhand, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain

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The Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand is famous for its yatras (pilgrimages) to the Kedarnath valley. Tourists and pilgrims flock there by the thousands providing plenty of trade to the locals particularly during the peak season.

Like many of her fellow villagers, Rajeshwari Devi, a resident of Taljanam village in the district, saw good prospects in mule rearing as many remote mountain locations can be accessed using mules and horses.

A second income would supplement her husband’s earnings from wage labor and help take care of their children’s educational expenses.

As is the case with most rural entrepreneurs, raising the required capital was a challenge for Rajeshwari since formal credit sources require documentation, collateral and have long application procedures. She managed to save only a part of the total cost of a mule.

However, thanks to her association with UMM, an NGO based in Uttarakhand, she heard of Rang De’s affordable loans and decided to take one to buy an animal.

On a recent field trip to Rudraprayag, we learned that Rajeshwari had made good use of the tourist season between April to November. The mule was used to transport pilgrims to and from their destinations, bringing Rajeshwari a profit of Rs.1 lakh during that period. Her eldest son helps her with the horses and together, they ensure that the animal is well-rested between trips and is fed a nutritious diet.

During the off-season i.e. between December to March, the mule is used to transport sand from the river to different construction sites in the area thereby providing the family with a year-round income. Rajeshwari plans to use her earnings to buy two more mules so that her husband and son can make separate trips with visitors traveling to Kedarnath.

Rajeshwari’s story reflects how microcredit can effectively launch or expand small businesses and facilitates empowerment among the poor. Rang De looks forward to supporting and encouraging more such small businesses in rural areas to promote opportunity and alleviate poverty.

Thank you for investing in Rajeshwari Devi’s loan. If you would like to help other women from Uttarakhand, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Arvind Mamgain

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Total No. of Loans 556
Total amount disbursed Rs.17,235,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.9,362,081
Amount repaid Rs.9,362,081
Amount delayed Rs.0
Amount defaulted Rs.0

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