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Location : Karnataka

Partner Since : 15-11-2015

Founder : Dr.(Flt Lt) M.A.Balasubramanya

About VILD Foundation

VILD Foundation is promoted by Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, has been working in various sectors of community development for the past many years. Formation and promotion of SHGs, Microfinance and Income generation activities have been part of our interventions for improving the socio-economic status of the communities.

VILD Foundation was registered trust working in Mysore district since 2012. It is implementing Program called “Samartha”. This project is working in 135 villages of Mysore district & promoted 379 Street vendors & farmers SHGs.

Aim of the organisation is to develop and monitor a community led process, where community will plan, implement and monitor development activities which will enable sustainable interventions and make a positive impact in the community.

  • •To build and empower community based organizations.
  • •To enhance community engagement and participation.
  • •To encourage, facilitate good governance and community led monitoring.
  • •To initiate capacity building efforts to sustain development activities
  • •To build, strengthen and sustain network of partners in development.
  • •To develop new innovative customized programs for various stake holders in each sector.
  • •To strive for the replication of customized & successful development models in training.

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Our field team paid a visit to Hullahalli village to assess the impact of the loans that have been disbursed to borrowers living in the area. One of the people they spoke to was Akkamahadevamma Linganna. The 42-year-old is a widow living with her only son Manjesh in a humble home of her own. Manjesh who could only study till class 10 operates a tractor and offers his services to villagers who need their fields ploughed.

Akkamahadevamma contributes to the household income by growing vegetables on her small farm. Both mother and son have very limited means that barely cover their day-to-day expenses, making investing in the farm a difficult task.

Fortunately, Akkamahadevamma came to know of Rang De through our impact partner VILD Foundation. She was able to take a loan of Rs.20000 that was used to buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides and pay for labour expenses. She has planted capsicum and hopes for a good, unspoiled harvest. She mentioned that after going through the tedious process of preparing the land and sowing the seeds, she has to be watchful for cows and pigs that often stray into the field and feed on the vegetables.

Despite the challenges in agriculture, Akkamahadevamma intends to continue growing vegetables and has decided to venture into dairy farming as well. Once she has repaid her present loan in full, she plans to take another loan from Rang De to buy a milch cow.

Thank you for contributing towards Akkamahadevamma’s loan and supporting her vegetable farm.

If you would like to help other borrowers from Karnataka, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Srividya Ravi and Arvind Mamgain

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Sammar Jon Saleem Pasha is one of our borrowers from a village called Berya in Mysuru district. The 58-year-old has been in the beedi-rolling business for more than ten years and although living with her four sons, uses the income from it to support herself.

She buys all the required raw materials from a wholesale merchant, rolls all the beedis herself and thus keeps costs to a minimum. Nevertheless, without outside financial assistance, she could not raise her income beyond Rs.2500 which was the highest amount she earned from the strenuous task of rolling beedis.

When she heard about Rang De, she was interested in learning about how it could benefit her and spoke to the people at her local SHG. On learning that there were many women who had used our small loans to start or improve their businesses, she applied to us for a loan of Rs. 25000 shortly thereafter. We learnt that her business is not only meeting the present demand for beedis in Berya, her income has also increased to Rs.4000 within months of receiving the loan.

Sammar is pleased with the outcome of her investment and says that she will be back for another loan after she has repaid this one since she feels that she can easily increase beedi production if she has enough capital in hand. An industrious woman, she prides herself on being independent and intends to remain that way for as long as she can.

For our part, we are happy to have helped her grow as an entrepreneur and hope that the loan increases her income still further in the coming months.

Thanking you for lending a hand to Sammar and helping us fulfil her loan request.

If you would like to help other women from Karnataka, please click on the link.

Evaluated By : Srividya Ravi

Partnership Summary

Total No. of Loans 1800
Total amount disbursed Rs.48,210,000
Expected repayment so far Rs.47,151,069
Amount repaid Rs.46,514,582
Amount delayed Rs.562,805
Amount defaulted Rs.73,682

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