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Impact Partner Selection Process

We view our impact partnerships as one of the most significant parts of Rang De's operations. In order to have effective and efficient partnerships on-board with Rang De we follow a rigorous, five-step process of selecting an impact partner.


An Organization interested in partnering with Rang De must fulfil the following minimum criteria

1. It should be registered as a legal entity (NGO, NGO-MFI, SHG Federation, Trust, Sec. 25 Company etc.).

2. It should be operational for at least 3 years (should have performed 3 financial audits).

3. The organization should have a strong focus on creating impact in the communities.

We screen the organizations on the above mentioned criteria and based on the initial information provided to us by the organization we take the conversation to the second phase.


In this phase, we study and analyze a few necessary documents of the potential partner. These documents include:

a) Copy of the registration certificate

b) Copy of MOU/ Objectives of Society/Trust

c) Copy of latest annual report

d) Copy of audited statements of last 3 years, with receipt and payment statements.

e) Copy of 12 A and 80 G certificate.

f) Operational manual of micro credit operations. If there is no manual in place, a brief note about the processes involved in administering a micro loan is required.

We study and analyze the above mentioned documents and make a report based on our findings and observation. If the organization passes the document analysis phase, we then move to the phase three. If the organization does not meet Rang De's criteria at this point the decision is communicated to the organization.

Partnership Committee:

A partnership committee includes significant people from finance, business, and social space both from Rang De and external. It gives us a fresh perspective and 360 degree understanding on the partnership process. The partnership committee gives its recommendations and based on that we move to the fourth phase.If at this phase, partnership committee does not approve of the partnership in hand, we communicate our inability to partner with the organization.


The fourth phase of the partnership is the due-diligence process where Rang De team visits the potential partner to understand their area of operation, meet the communities, meet the management and staff, understand the processes etc. Based on the findings of the due-diligence process, Rang De team moves to the fifth and final phase.


This phase involves partner training on Rang De systems and processes at the Rang De office in Bangalore. One person who operates at the field level and one who takes care of the systems are invited for the training from the partner organizations. Another important decision made in this phase is the size of the pilot to start with. Both Rang De and the partner organization decide on a pilot plan for six months/1 year. At this phase, we sign the MoU and Agency agreement with the organization.

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