Score Foundation

If you were blessed with a child, and if that child happened to be blind, would you invest in that child, educate him/her, make him/her independent and have expectations form him/her? Unfortunately for most of us the answer to these questions is 'NO'. This is due to a lack of awareness about the possibilities in a life with blindness. Through our various channels of communication, namely, a website, a radio show, a national Helpdesk, sensitization workshops and trainings and a 13 part Television Serial. We are disseminating information to ensure that blind people are viewed as part of the human resource of the country, under our flagship Project Eyeway.

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What Drives Us?

The fact is, persons with visual impairment are treated with pity and charity in this country, and their ability and potential are not fully recognized. These perceptions follow them around throughout their lives and when it comes to education, employment, availing services such as banking, exercising their right to vote or policy making, visually impaired people are often viewed as a low priority group to the extent that even most parents see them this way.

Attitudes are the biggest barriers which hold blind people back from becoming contributing members of society. Chronic lack of awareness and information means that 42 million visually impaired Indians are overlooked when policies are formed and services are meted out. The fact is education includes, informs and inspires, and if we understand that the education and rehabilitation of blind people needs to be invested in, the blind population of this country will no longer need to live on the fringes of society.

We believe that disability may be god given, however handicap is manmade. Blind and visually impaired people are a part of the human resource of the country. The need is to invest in them rather than merely providing for them. To do this, there needs to be more awareness and information about living life with Blindness. We believe information has the power to change lives.

During this time we have met individuals who are succeeding in life with blindness. People like, Sanjay Dang who runs his own travel company, Charudatt Jadav who is a consultant with a leading multinational corporation, Kanchan Pamnani, a practicing lawyer in the Mumbai High Court and Sudha Patel, India's first blind woman Sarpanch and an entrepreneur. Our interaction with individuals such as these has made one thing clear, that given information, education, training and opportunities anything is possible!

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Our Mission

To realize personal independence, economic self reliance and social inclusion for all visually impaired people in India.


  • 2002 - Score Foundation was launched with the founder chairman of the World Blind Cricket Association- George Abraham as our CEO.
  • 2003 - which is a knowledge repository on information about Life with Blindness with information on a wide range of topics such as Parenting, Education, Employment, Products and technologies and more.
  • 2005 - Our award winning radio show - Eyeway 'Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan' was launched. The show completed its 11th season this year. To hear episodes from the show log onto YouTube!
  • 2006 - The Eyeway Helpdesk which counsels and provides information to visually impaired people from across India was launched in response to calls from the Radio show.
  • 2008 - The Eyeway SMS Alerts Service was started by way of which alerts on job opening, news, trainings and more were sent to subscribers.
  • 2013 - We started engaging with other stakeholders as 2ewell, through our 13 part TV series called Nazar Ya Nazariya broadcast on DD National. To watch episodes check out our YouTube Channel!


Sixteen year old Suresh Jaiswal from Mirzapur, Bihar called us up last year. The son of a construction worker, Suresh came upon our Radio show by chance. After grueling counseling sessions we referred him to Jayati Bharatam, an organization in Lucknow that provides various kinds of trainings to visually impaired people. Today Suresh is doing exceedingly well. Having scored 85% in class 10th in U.P. Board examinations 2013 with Physics, Chemistry and Maths, he is now full of confidence and wants to study these subjects in class 11th as well. From not knowing what his eye disorder was called when he first contacted us, Suresh has come a long way, and now aspires to become a computer engineer.