Diwali Campaign with Trafigura
Raised So Far:   2,323,300

Target Date :   06 May, 2017

Target:     6,700,000




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Make a Social Contribution and Light Up India!

<span style='font-size:20px;font-weight:bold'>Trafigura</span> and <span style='font-size:20px;font-weight:bold'>Rang De</span> have come together this Diwali to light up hearts in Rural India. This Diwali, blast the chain of poverty, shoot a rocket of joy and fire a flowerpot of cheer! Celebrate this Diwali like never before with the underserved of India.<br/><br/><span style='font-size:18px;'>To make this more exciting, Trafigura will make a matching contribution.</span>

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Trafigura Charity Committee

  In a country where many live entrenched in poverty, we need to help. The disadvantaged sections of society face financial exclusion as a result of being born in an impoverished house. They dream of improving the lives of their families by pursuing entrepreneurial ventures of their choice, but in the absence of organized financial services being available to them, succumb to borrowing from local money lenders who charge an exorbitant interest rate and they get caught in a debt trap.

Our country needs to be uplifted from this rut - we need a revolution that works toward fighting poverty at the grassroots.

This Diwali, we proudly present the "Festival of Rights" campaign in a tie-up with RangDe. This is where microcredit combined with the power of crowdfunding becomes one of the most effective strategies in the fight against poverty.  


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Rang De Changemakers Speak

Learn more about Rang De

The Beginning

RangDe.org went live at 16.48 hrs on 26th January 2008. For 8 years now, we have continued to work with a single minded focus of making poverty history in India

Journey so far

8500 individuals like you have funded over 40,000 loans and impacted over 30,000 lives. Over 37 crores of social contribution disbursed as low cost loans in 15 states.

Our funders

ICICI Foundation supported Rang De with funding for the first few years. More recently, Tata Trusts came forward to fund our growth to sustainability.

Our Borrowers

Individuals from low income households who have been denied credit by a formal financial institution. They are people with big dreams but lack of credit comes in the way of fulfilling it.

Our Changemakers

More than 8500 individuals and corporates have contributed over INR 37 crores. They are people like you who want to see India emerge as a developed nation.

Our Impact Partners

We work with impact partners - local non-profit and community based organizations with a high ethical fibre and who have years of experience working with underserved communities. They are truly the real heroes in our model.


What is Festival Of Rights?

Festival of Rights is a co-branded campaign by Trafigura and Rang De to make this Diwali more worthwhile. This campaign is a cautious decision taken by Trafigura to celebrate a meaningful Diwali with its team. In an attempt to give a unique gift to employees, Trafigura is gifting a chance to create an impact in the lives of underserved.

How does this work?

You have a preloaded Rang De Credit gifted by Trafigura which you just need to redeem with a click of a button. As a contributor, you have options to choose the geography you wish to donate and also a chance to top up and multiply your impact.

What is Social Contribution?

Social Contribution is the money you use to fund a Rang De beneficiary to start up a business, education etc.

Where can I track progress on my contribution?

As a Changemaker, you can login to your account using your email address registered on RangDe.Org. Once you login, you can access the repayment progress made by all your borrowers. You will also receive a statement of social contribution on a monthly basis from our team.

What is my return on social contribution?

You will earn an interest of 2.0% flat p.a. (3.5% APY) on your contribution to borrowers of business loans. Your interest is calculated from the day the loan is disbursed to the borrower. This typically will be around a month's time from the date of contribution.

How will I know that my contribution has reached the concerned borrower?

On the day the loan is disbursed, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the disbursement. This typically happens within 5 days after the Contribute by Date (the date by which we will raise contribution for borrowers).